Fred was sent a link to a website that keeps track of predictions made by writers for football and the other sports.

There are many big name writers that don’t really have great records predicting the outcomes of games. Fred decided to see how his son would match up against some of the writers from Sports Illustrated.

Here are Milo’s Picks with the spreads (spreads may change). Winner listed first:

New England -6 1/2 ST Louis

Tennessee -3 1/2 Indianapolis

Jacksonville +12 1/2 Green Bay

San Diego -2 1/2 Cleveland

Philadelphia -2 /12 Atlanta

Detroit -2 1/2 Seattle

Miami +2 1/2 Jets

Chicago -7 1/2 Carolina

Washington +4 1/2 Pittsburgh

Oakland +1 1/2 Kansas City

Dallas +1 1/2 Giants

New Orleans +5 1/2 Denver

Milo Makes His Picks


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