By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – An acquaintance of mine tells me he had to reprimand his ten-year-old son for excessive cheering as they watched one of the presidential debates.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

The kid is an ardent Obama partisan, he told me, trapping his centrist dad between him and his grandparents, avid Fox News watchers for whom the president can do no right.

I feel my friend’s pain, believe me.

As you know if you’re a regular reader, I like colorful allegories and try to spice up these little commentaries with them as much as possible.

That was the case on Tuesday when I talked about the misfiring of the Obama campaign plan to demonize Mitt Romney. Most of the many millions they spent to do so, I suggested, had been wiped out by Romney’s presentation in the debates, where he “did not appear to resemble Satan in any way.”

Little did I know that remark would draw the following e-mail from a grown man who signed his name but who will remain anonymous in an act of charity on my part.

Amid a stream of insults and name-calling not suitable for a family website, he writes:

“A true political analyst would have seen clearly that Satan was sitting opposite President Obama at every debate. Only Satan can transform himself into something he’s not at a whim and spew lies that never stop. And if you didn’t pick up the lies spewed by Satan in every debate, than you’re not a political analyst worth listening to.”

At first I thought the guy was joking, submitting a parody of an unhinged partisan’s rant.

But the Satan analogies continued, concluding with the assertion that Mitt Romney is “misleading the voters just like Satan did to Eve in the Garden.”

The old Boston Garden, or the new one?

I’m confused.

But I’m also worried for this guy.

If he and others like him think Romney is Satan – and the same goes for right-wingers who think Mr. Obama is the devil – boy, are they in for a surprise later on when they meet the real thing.

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