By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

SCITUATE (CBS) – Jim Spellman is heeding the early warnings, jumping in his kayak and paddling out to his sailboat moored in Scituate Harbor so he can prepare to take it out of the water. “Better safe than sorry. None of these storms are something to be fooled with,” he said about the possibility that Hurricane Sandy will hit the New England coast.

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He was hoping for another week or two before packing it in for the winter. Just like the crew of the Isabelle Rose. They had to pull in lobster traps ahead of schedule in anticipation of stormy seas, a storm that will also ground the crew. “It’ll interfere with business a little bit,” said John Mason. “Less traps now, means fewer lobsters and less money,” he said.

The Scituate Harbormaster has already put one of his boats on dry land, though the calm water in the harbor now is revealing little of what could be ahead. The town of Scituate is also being cautious with a broken seawall that was breached during a storm on December 26, 2010. Work had just begun this week to finally fix it and had to be stopped and the hole filled back in to make sure it’s secure.

Neighbor Doris Crary says Sandy threatens what other storms have already done. “If they make enough progress and put in the cement now it won’t be hard enough to withstand the waves,” she said. For now it’s a waiting game to see what the storm will bring in terms of wind and surf.


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