A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Direct from the third and final debate between Barack and Mitt, Bob Schieffer did make reference once to Obama bin Laden.  Gotta love it.    I must say, of the four moderators involved in the recent debates, Schieffer was by far the best of the bunch, but as we all know, that didn’t take much effort for that accolade.    As for Romney’s “holding his fire” during the last debate, it’s not a strategy a lot of us would have used to be sure, but I’ve got to believe, someone wiser than I dictated the Romney demeanor for the night and I can only hope that it worked…..big time.     I think it did.  Either way, thank God they’re done…..d-o-n-e… and we’re less than two weeks away from seeing the last TV ad promoting or lambasting a candidate.    If a majority of you did as I asked several months ago, that is pray for BHO using Psalm 109:8…..we all know the world will be spared another term for Barack, arguably the worst President in anyone’s recent memory. 

     A couple of other comments briefly on current events:    I see Massachusetts voters will a chance to make the Commonwealth the third state in the country with a referendum question on the “Right To Die.”   One recent poll suggests 64% of likely voters support legalization of the “Right To Die.”      Religious groups and medical groups have raised a million and a half dollars plus to fight it.  I believe it should and will pass.    And only because I haven’t been called any nasty names recently by the vigilant pot smokers out there, the wacky weed for medical purposes referendum should also have the “right to die.”   Puff-Puff!!!

     Very sad to see the so-called “Perversion files” released by the Oregon Supreme Court.   This is 14,500 pages of “pervs” from all over the country, including your state, who have been accused of sexual perversion acts against young boys, yet were never charged because their organizations, i.e. the Boy Scouts of America, covered up for the Perv scout masters rather than hurt the name of the Boy Scouts of America.   It’s sad news because it puts the Boy Scouts of America in the same box with the Roman Catholic Church, allowing children to be scarred for life and allowing predators (pervs) to go free, just to protect the good name and good works of these institutions.     14,500 pages of “pervs” dating back to 1959!!      Disgraceful!!!


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