The Patriots again had a lead heading into the fourth quarter and fell apart. The Pats held a ten point lead over the Jets as the fourth quarter started. The Jets went on to score 14 unanswered point to go up three points.

The Pats drove down the field and kicked a 43 yard field goal with seconds left to tie it up to force overtime. Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 48 yard field goal in OT to give the Pats the 29-26 win over the Jets.

Former linebacker Rosevelt Colvin talked with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the forth quarter play of the Patriots, Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker.

Everyone thought that the Patriots would beat the Jets easily since New York lost corner Darrelle Revis and wide receiver Santonio Holmes, but it was a lot closer. Why was it such a tight game?

“I think everybody knows when teams play the Patriots that you’re going to get your best, especially when you’re in the division and then especially the Jets is always a good match up. They played good defensive ball and they always play Tom well no matter who’s the coach.”

On Sunday Brandon Lloyd was targeted caught one pass for six yards on eight targets. The guys discussed what seems like a need for Tom Brady to force Lloyd the ball in games. Why does it seem like Lloyd is off this year?

“He has big play potential and so a lot of times it’s risk versus reward. If he catches it it’s great, if he doesn’t then you look at okay then we shouldn’t have thew him the ball, but they brought him on to stretch the field so that teams couldn’t clamp down on Wes underneath.”

They also went on to talk about the issue this team is having in closing out game in the final quarters of games. Why can’t this team keep executing in the final minutes?


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