A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     What in the world is going on here?    I leave the country for a few days and look what happens while I’m gone.  The hated Yankees go down the tubes to Detroit while the lowly Red Sox players work on their golf game, thanks to an early-embarassing departure from the 2012 season.   Go Tigers…..if for no other reason, their God-forsaken city can use all the help it can get.  A World Series might help, even if it’s snowing!!!        Oh one other thing in sports, the National Hockey League clearly has a death-wish.    Wouldn’t you think the knuckleheads who run (maybe ruined) the league have learned from the past?   Gary Bettman is trying to kill the sport.   Maybe he should move the entire league back to Canada.

     Newsweek magazine, for 80-years a reliable left-wing (alleged) news magazine is going digital and what a shame, no matter what its political bent.   Slowly but surely, the world is surrendering to the digital world, i.e. the social media, and if this keeps up, what are we going to use to line our bird-cage?  Newsweek says its target will be a “highly mobile, opinion-leading audience who want to learn about world events in a sophisticated context.”     If you believe that folks, you probably believe Joe Biden was not “on something” when he debated Congressman Ryan.

     While we’re talking debates, Romney wins the first one, Biden loses the second one, Romney and Obama fight to a draw in the third and please Mr. Schieffer, show the first three moderators how it’s supposed to be done.   Lehrer was barely ok, Raddatz was totally over her head with incompetence and Candy Crowley……………holy crap Candy was that awful!   The only thing worse than Candy was the totally stupid questioners.   And if you don’t go along with the suggestion that the questioners were stupid….did you hear the questions?    “How are you different from George Bush?”  OMG!!!!     It was another classic example of how naive and ill-informed the masses are through the social media.       Bob Schieffer is a proven, though sometimes lefty journalist and he has the where-with-all to moderate this final debate. I’m looking forward to your questions Bob and then looking forward to sitting back, yourself included I hope, and letting the two duke it out.

     Gee, I never did get to Zumba hookers did I.     I’m late for my Pilates class…..:-)


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