BOSTON (CBS) – There is a new baby kangaroo at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Zoo staff announced the birth of the joey Thursday, saying he  is about six months old and started poking his head out of his mother’s pouch earlier this month.

This is the second baby for mother Skippy and father Binowee. The two have another, 1-year-old  kangaroo named Ramiro that was first seen in February.

joeycloseup Kangaroo Baby Born At Franklin Park Zoo

A closeup of the joey in his mother’s pouch. (Photo Credit: Sarah Woodruff, Zoo New England)

Franklin Park staff say kangaroo babies are born after a 30 to 35 day gestation period and are about the size of a jelly bean. Joeys begin to come out of their mother’s pouch at 190 days and feed from the mother for up to a year.

Zoo staff do not know the gender of the baby and have not said what his name is.

“As with any new birth, the staff is keeping a watchful eye on the mother and baby, but the joey seems to be doing really well,” said John Linehan, Zoo New England President and CEO. “It’s so special to see a mother kangaroo hopping around with a joey in her pouch. We’re thrilled that our guests are able to observe such an incredible sight and to watch this baby grow up as they have with its older sister.”

The red kangaroo family can be seen on exhibit in the Outback Trail when there is no rain and temperatures are above 40 degrees. Red kangaroos are the largest of all kangaroos.


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