The San Diego Chargers had a great first half against the Denver Broncos during their Monday Night Football match up. The Chargers scored 24 unanswered points before halftime, but Peyton Manning came out in the second half and put 35 unanswered points of his own to lead the Broncos to victory.

Since it was a Monday Night Football game, T&R’s favorite guy Jon Gruden was on hand working the booth.

The guys started off with the “Gruden Bus,” where Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers sat down with Gruden. Gruden got loose and had his shirt pretty much unbuttoned all they way!

Toucher & Rich then moved on to the latest installment of the “This Guy Challenge” with a few Gruden moments from the game. Known as a BIG Peyton can, you can imagine how Gruden got going when Peyton really opened things up in the second half!


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