BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of Boston police officers earned promotions on Friday, including one new recruit who is finally graduating from the academy after having to put his training on hold.

Kevin Plunkett, a member of the Navy Reserve, was two months from graduating the Boston Police Academy last year when he was called to serve a tour of duty overseas.

He never lost touch with his class at home, and kept dreaming about the day he would become a Boston police officer.

After a year serving in the United Arab Emirates, Plunkett came home and finished the academy.

“I got up this morning. I got dressed and looked in the mirror. It’s a sight. It’s been a long journey,” he said. “I really want to get out there and do some good. It’s corny, but I believe that.”

Plunkett’s mom was there to watch.

“I am so proud of him. He is a great man,” Kit Plunkett said of her son on Friday.

Here is the entire list of department promotions provided by Boston police:

2 Captains:
Captain Alfredo Andres (Deputy Superintendent) – 17 yrs. of service Commander, Labor Relations
Captain James Gaughan – 26 years of service – Commander, Court Unit
4 Lieutenants:
Lieutenant Jacqueline D. Creaven – 21 years of service – Operations Division
Lieutenant Richard J. Gannon – 29 years of service – BFS Chief’s Office
Lieutenant Thomas M. O’Brien – 26 years of service – District E-18, Hyde Park/Readville/Roslindale
Lieutenant Dennis A. White – 23 years of service – District B-2, Roxbury
7 Sergeants:
Sergeant Michael Charbonnier – 23 years of service – Crime Stoppers Unit (P.O.)
Sergeant Thomas Pratt – 21 years of service – Sexual Assault Unit (Det.)
Sergeant Alicia Rosado – 17 years of service – District A-1 (P.O.)
Sergeant Lisa Sullivan – 18 years of service – Crimes Against Children Unit (Det.)
Sergeant Juan J. Torres – 26 years of service – Homicide Unit (Det.)
Sergeant Robert J. Twitchell – 25 years of service – Youth Violence Strike Force (Det.)
Sergeant Kevin Witherspoon – 23 years of service – District Attorney’s Office
12 Detectives:
Detective Dana S. Barrett – 12 years of service – Sexual Assault Unit
Detective Manuel Blas – 11 years of service – B-3 Detectives (Mattapan)
Detective John P. Boyle – 13 years of service – D-4 Detectives (South End/Back Bay)
Detective Charles J. Cellucci – 17 years of service – D-14 Detectives (Allston/Brighton)
Detective Paul R. Chevrette – 16 years of service – E-5 Detectives (West Roxbury/Roslindale)
Detective Michael S. Deluca – 7 years of service – Sexual Assault Unit
Detective Lenin Frederick – 17 years of service – B-3 Detectives (Mattapan)
Detective Eamon D. Geoghegan – 7 years of service – A-1 Detectives (Downtown)
Detective Jesse Goff – 16 years of service – Sexual Assault Unit
Detective Bruce W. Higgins – 14 years of service – C-11 Detectives (Dorchester)
Detective Joseph P. Keaveney – 10 years of service – B-2 Detectives (Roxbury)
Detective Stephen McNeil – 7 years of service – E-13 Detectives (Jamaica Plain)

1 Recruit Graduate:
Police Officer Kevin R. Plunkett – Originally appointed in November of 2011, Military leave until June 2012.


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