UPTON (CBS) – An Upton woman says she caught her landlord trying to spy on her in her bathroom.

“You feel like you are being watched,” says Christine Safstrom, “and it’s not a comfortable feeling at all.”

“We don’t feel very safe here now,” says Shelli Stoddard.

Stoddard and Safstrom are absolutely terrified in their own home. Shelli says she was in the bathroom when she noticed something that looked like a stick protruding from a vent.

“I looked and noticed it was moving,” says Stoddard. “I looked closer and realized it was some sort of lens and I pulled my pants up and I grabbed it and it went flying down.”

Turns out it was a recording device. Police say her landlord, 42-year-old James Hill, who lives right next door in the duplex on Main Street, was secretly recording her from downstairs in the basement.

Police say Hill was using a pinhole style camera attached a handheld computer to record the women in their home and possibly Shelli’s daughter.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter,” she says. “How long has this camera been in here? Are there videos of my daughter?”

“I’m scared I don’t want to go outside, I don’t want to see him. I don’t know what to do.”

Hill, who is an IT professional, has owned the home for more than a decade. Police are looking into if there are other past victims.

“I’m in shock,” says Safstrom. “I want him punished, we feel violated.”

Hill was released after posting $5,000 bail.


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