Jermaine Wiggins joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some New England Patriots and to take part in the newest edition of “10 Questions with Wiggy.”

Felger’s 10 Questions To Wiggy:
10. Which running attack would you rather have: the 2004 Super Bowl Patriots with Corey Dillon (Matt Light, Dan Koppen, Stephen Neal, Joe Andruzzi and Brandon Gorin) OR the Steven Ridley, Brandon Boldin and the current offensive line and approach?

9. Right now. Who are your Super Bowl teams?

8. Devin McCourty: corner or safety?

7. In your 11-year NFL career, what is the one play you remember more than any other? Doesn’t have to be your “best” play — just the one that sticks out more than the rest — for any reason, good, bad, pain, etc.

6. If the draft were this weekend, what position should the Pats draft in the first round?

5. Why are rookie quarterbacks (Griffin, Luck, Tannehill, Weeden, even Russel Wilson) able to have so much more success in their first seasons now versus in the past?

4. Be honest, if you were in the game today — do you think you would make the Patriots 53-man roster out of training camp?

3. Who has the best defense in the NFL? Why?

2. Who is your least-favorite coach you’ve ever played for?

1. Prediction — Seattle at home vs. New England?


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