The Patriots held on to beat the Broncos 31-21 on Sunday at Gillette Stadium. D.A. wants to give the Patriots defense props, but feels it was about the Broncos missing chances on offense.

Without Rob Ninkovich’s strip fumble of Willis McGahee the Broncos could have made the game closer at the end and things might have ended differently.

D.A. was joined by Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports to discuss stories from around the NFL.

Chiefs fans cheered after a hit left their quarterback Matt Casssel laying on his back apparently injured. At the time it was unclear if the quarterback was seriously injured, but fans who seem to be fed up with Cassel’s poor play cheered at the injury.

Cassel left the game and sustained a concussion and will likely not play next weekend’s game at Tampa Bay. Chiefs offensive tackle Eric Winston criticized fans after the game for cheering. What did Cole think of the comments?

The two guys compare the play of Peyton Manning pre and post neck injury. What grade does Cole give Manning through the first five weeks of the season?

They went on to discuss Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes who has made some big plays at times when he’s been on the field. There are times when he gets caught up in pass coverage, but seems to be able to defend the run well. Why did he drop down in the draft?


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