BOSTON (CBS) – Logan Airport is getting 27 new body scanners to help move passengers through security faster and with more privacy.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports 

The Provision ATD machines were unveiled in Terminal C Thursday morning.

They look like the old scanners but the image that appears on the screen is just an outline, instead of a detailed image of a person’s body.

“It’s just a generic image, sort of like Gumby or an avatar,” said TSA Federal Security Director George Naccara.

The “G-rated”  images presented to screeners as a person goes through the machine will automatically cancel out medical implants such as hip or knee replacements.

Passengers will now see the same image TSA officers see and the computer-generated outline is said to be identical for everyone.

This will mean no further pat-downs will be required once travelers go through the machine.


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