The Sox have wrapped up their season at Fenway already, but while they were in town Adolfo was out talking to fans to get us one last “Ask A Pink Hat.”

Adolfo ran into two young ladies who were out having a good time. One woman was very loud and the other was a little quieter. When asked who their favorite player on the team is the louder woman shouts Pedro Martínez.

After a laughing fit by the louder woman Adolfo gets on with the questions.

Do these two fans know how many games there are in a season or recall what big anniversary the team celebrated this year?

Do they know what team Adrian Gonzalez was traded to or who the current manager of the Sox is? Can they come up with terms such as no-hitter and foul line?

And can these two woman figure out what the hell Adolfo is trying to ask them at the end?

If you know the game you’re probably safe saying no to all of these questions. The fun part is guessing what they do say.


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