By Levan Reid, WBZ-TVBy Levan Reid

BOSTON (CBS) – Here is some news that’s going on around the NFL.

– The New York Jets cannot catch a break. A week ago they lost their all pro cornerback, Darrell Revis to an ACL injury and then this week they lose wide receiver Santonio Holmes to a foot injury. Both players are gone for the rest of the season. That’s not the way head coach Rex Ryan expected to open the first quarter of the football year.

“It’s a big loss for us,” Ryan said. “Obviously it’s something that we wish didn’t happen to one of your best players. But that’s, unfortunately, part of this business.”

Ryan feels though that his team has to step up. The outlook doesn’t change.

“The fact that we lost two excellent football players does not change our expectations,” Ryan said. “How many people will feel sorry for the New York Jets?” Ryan asked. “I’ve got the answer … nobody.”

– This weekend the NFL will have a rivalry renewed. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are friends off the field but fierce competitors on it. They will play each other on Sunday. Now even though they won’t face each other face to face, the headline is Brady versus Manning. Tom Brady told reporters that Peyton is someone he has great respect for.

“He’s someone that I’ve always looked up to and admired, and I respect the way he plays the position, and the way he works, the way he leads,” Brady said. “He’s been a phenomenal player. We played against him for a long time against the Colts, it seemed like every year. You see a lot of those games, and obviously I’ve learned a lot from him.”

When asked whether he thought the Denver Broncos looked different from what they were last year, Brady said they look a lot more like the Colts.

“It s very much the same offense, from what some of the guys tell me,” Brady said. “Obviously there are different players with different skill-sets and so forth. I’ve always really looked at that offense as kind of one to emulate because they’ve been so productive for so long.”

– Finally, it seems that more than half the country is watching football. The Harris Poll conducted a survey last week in the three days following the “Monday Night Football” replacement-officials fiasco. The results: 59-percent of the country follows football. That’s a record number.

“Football remains popular and even shows a rise in interest since last year,” the poll stated. “In 2011, over half of Americans (55 percent) said they followed professional football — a slight increase from 2010, when 53 percent said so. This year, that number rises further, with 59 percent of Americans saying they follow professional football; this is the highest percentage to indicate this since The Harris Poll first started asking the question in 1992.”

– Soccer 6 chimes in and this week and comes out strong. It seems Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen teamed up for a video and it’s gone viral. I am telling you right now, this was all Gisele’s idea. Tom’s not dancing or doing anything that does not involve football. Here’s the link to the video. It’s for the candy UNJUKED. Now that I hear this, I have just realized this is Tom Brady’s candy company. OMG!!!! This candy is supposed to be good for you. Tom is starting to become Peyton Manning. Maybe he’ll eat these candies, while wearing UGGS and smelling of Stetson. That’s how QB12 rolls.

– More from 6 and Soccer hits us with some replacement referee talk. 6 says there is less drama now in the NFL but one referee is trying to stretch his 15 minutes. Apparently Lance Easley, as 6 states, is the replacement ref that pretty much ruined the Monday Night Football game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Well he is now famous at the Bank of America that he works at. 6 says he’s the VP of Small-Business in Santa Maria, CA. WHAT!!!!! People, don’t let this man handle your money. That play cost Vegas millions of dollars and it was an awful call. This is not a man to be trusted with quick drastic decisions. Be afraid of your dwindling cash,, be very afraid.

– Finally, Soccer has gets real and talks Jay Z. 6 informs that the rap mogul has launched a video game. The idea came from when people were pushing the Dream Team against the 2012 Olympics team. Kobe thinks the 2012 team would beat the Dream Team, so why not put it in a video game. Is the game gonna have Larry Bird with back issues and John Stockton and his tight shorts. Then the game would be for real. Jay Z must do a song on the video, maybe it’s called “His Airness versus the Mamba” hit me.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and thank you Soccer 6


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