The Patriots went to Buffalo looking to snap a two game losing streak, but early on it looked like that might not happen.

The Patriots were behind by seven heading into the half and then by 14 after the Bills found the end zone in the third quarter. The Patriots eventually tied the game at 21 later that quarter and then went on a 31 point run in the fourth to win 52-28 and improve to 2-2.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich about the big win, the Buffalo Bills, Brandon Spikes and Stephen Gostkowski.

After holding the Patriots offense to just seven points in the first half the Bills gave up 35 unanswered points in the second half. Any explanation for the poor play late in the game by the Bills? Did the defense just give up?

“I don’t know if they necessarily gave up.”

The Patriots had success running the ball all over and the Bills couldn’t seem to find a way to stop it. Colvin told the guys that he’s been on team’s where this was the case and filled them in on what it’s like for the defense.

“It just comes from one, your personnel and your defensive scheme just not being able to handle it, but sometimes as a team you just get in the position where they’re just doing something that you just can’t figure out and they just have it working that day.”

Linebacker Brandon Spikes had a monster game hitting hard and making some big plays. Some in Buffalo are complaining though saying that he played a bit dirty. Did Colvin notice any dirty play by Spikes?

“I didn’t see anything to the point where the kid’s going to get fined. You’ve got to remember man as a linebacker in the NFL you’re 230 to 260 pounds and you’re taking on 300 pound guys. You’re taking on fullbacks that are trying to knock you out of the game and you have to have an attitude. You have to have a demeanor that is I’m the baddest dude out here and nobody is going to tell me otherwise.”

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski didn’t have such a good day in Buffalo. The kicker missed a 49 yard field goal in the second quarter that would have put the Pats up 10-0. Then with the game tied at seven Gostkowski missed a 42 yard kick.

Luckily for the Patriots they didn’t need these points at the end, but people are wondering about the kicker’s job security. Has Colvin ever seen a kicker lose his edge?


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