BOSTON (CBS) — It’s pretty hard to catch a touchdown in the NFL. It’s even harder to make that touchdown catch while diving for the ball. On its own, it’s an impressive enough feat, but adding a degree of difficulty by flashing a perfect smile for a camera while making that diving catch? That’s just showing off.

But that’s what Brandon Lloyd did on Sunday. When he was flying through the air at the front corner of the end zone, hauling in Tom Brady’s pass to extend the Patriots’ lead to three touchdowns, Lloyd was staring into a camera and flashing his pearly whites.

The photo, which you can see by clicking here, has made its way around the internet on Monday afternoon. It was taken by Keith Nordstrom of The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, Mass.

Obviously, it’s highly unlikely Lloyd was aware of the location of any cameras, given much of his focus was likely on making the fingertip catch and holding on as he hit the ground. But when you look at the picture, it almost looks too perfect.

Even the Patriots’ official Twitter account said it was hard to believe the photo was real.

“This shot of @mrblloyd’s TD is so good we thought it was PhotoShopped at first,” the Patriots tweeted.

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