BOSTON (CBS) – With 98.5 The Sports Hub listeners getting their “10 Second Of Glory” thanks to the new CBS Audio Roadshow App, we’ve been getting plenty of solid submissions.

Each weekend, we’ll put together the best of the best. Here are the best “10 Seconds” from September 17-21:

Toucher & Rich:

– Who has been a worse replacement than NFL replacement refs?

1. A dig at Fred’s favorite swimmer:

2. Tanguay checks in…

– With Bernard Pollard joining the show on Thursday, T&R wanted to know what Pats fans have wanted to say to the “Patriots Killer.”

3. Too afraid to insult:

4. Ray Lewis checks in:

Gresh & Zo:

– Which quasi-celebrity would you be excited to see?

5. Remember those commercials?

6. Step Brother Zolak

– What would you give up for the NFL to resolve the referee issue?

7. The NHL…

8. A poop joke!

– Give us your impression of Ray Lewis doing everyday things!

9. Welcome to Wendy’s

10. Is the mic on?

Felger & Mazz:

– What’s your explanation for the Wes Welker situation?

11. Wes Isn’t a Jovi fan:

12. More Wes vs. Bon Jovi:

– The great Rooster, Chicken and Hen debate of 2012!

13. A shot at Bertrand:

14. Somehow, a crow gets involved:

Who had the best “10 Seconds of Glory” for this week? Sound off in the comments section, and keep them coming! You might find yours on the list next weekend!


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