With the new iPhone 5 hitting store shelves Friday people starting lining up outside Apple stores days before to be the first to get their hands on the new tech.

Knowing that news stations always head out to cover this kind of thing, Toucher and Rich sent Adolfo out there with a giant Wallach head to dominate the TV shots. He managed to get on a few times Thursday night, but wasn’t doing as good a job as the guys had hoped.

Then at night, while Adolfo was taking a quick nap, someone ran up and snatched the sign. Adolfo tried to chase him down, but couldn’t catch the thief.

T&R brought Adolfo into studio to give him a chance to explain himself, and they voice their displeasure with the job he’s been doing.

In the end, we’re still out a giant Wallach head. If you know anything about it, contact Toucher and Rich, and be sure to use #FindTheHead on Twitter!


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