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Wind & Rain…

By Todd Gutner, WBZ-TV
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We are going on a week and a half without any substantial rain but that is about to end as a potent storm system is poised to rip through New England Tomorrow night and Wednesday morning.

At this time an impressive late Summer trough is digging from the Lakes to the Deep South this is grabbing very moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and guiding it up the East Coast.  The air will become increasing moist and tropical as the southerly fetch enhances later in the day tomorrow.  The leading edge of the through is represented by a coldfront and this front will provide substantial lift for widespread tropical downpours to break out along it.  Out ahead of the line there won’t be too much action so most of tomorrow will actually turn out dry.  However, with the advancing moist air scattered showers are expected to break out tomorrow afternoon and evening.  The main action will hold off until late tomorrow night…along the coldfront a solid squall line of gusty thunderstorms will be ripping through the Northeast.  The timing on this line appears to be very early Wednesday morning…most likely 5-8AM.  Rain amounts will be impressive despite a relatively thin line…we are looking at 1-3 inches of rain and minor street flooding will likely be an issue in the typical spots.

Not only will there be very heavy rain but within that squall line gusts of wind could approach or exceed 50 mph.  The wind outside of the squall line will be very strong too.  The pressure difference between the departing high and parent low over the Lakes will result in potentially damaging wind gusts and the National Weather Service has a High Wind Watch up for the area.  I’d recommend bring in patio furniture and the kids toys.  Also, if you own a boat and it is still in the water, take some time to secure it properly as the coast will take a beating from SSE winds.

We actually had a similar event a couple of weekends ago with tropical air and a line of gusty storms after dark that produced some wind damage and minor flooding.

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