BOSTON (CBS) — Everyone knows the incredible genes in the Gronkowski family. Patriots tight end Rob shared a locker room for part of last year with his brother, Dan, while Chris Gronkowski has played for the Cowboys, Colts and Broncos. It’s also well-known that Devin McCourty’s twin brother is also an NFL cornerback, and the two played against each other for the first time in Week 1 in Tennessee.

But Gronkowski and McCourty aren’t the only Patriots players with superbly athletic families, and that will be on full display Sunday night in Baltimore.

Chandler Jones, the 22-year-old first-round pick of the Pats who has impressed the world in his first two NFL games, will be playing Sunday night against his older brother, Arthur, the 26-year-old defensive lineman for the Ravens.

And as Sports Illustrated’s Peter King reports, the most famous of the brothers, MMA fighter Jon “Bones” Jones, will be in attendance. He’ll be making the trip to Baltimore for the game after his big fight Saturday night at UFC 152 in Toronto.

Jon Jones told King that he thinks football is more dangerous than MMA, though he may feel differently each time he’s getting kicked in the head. The Jones parents also disagreed with that idea.

“Yeah, my mom and dad were totally against it. My mom said she thought she’d have to take care of me the rest of my life,” Jon told King regarding his decision to fight for a living.

For the two Joneses in the NFL, they won’t actually be facing off against each other, considering they both play defense. But Chandler will be helped by some of the lessons he’s learned from his older brother.

“My brother Arthur has taught me a lot going through this whole draft process,” Chandler said after being drafted by the Patriots in April. “Having a brother in the NFL is a great advantage.”


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