Senior Correspondent for the Fox Business Network Charlie Gasparino joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Felger and Massarotti to discuss his recent article about a potential sale of the Boston Red Sox.

Gasarino’s sources say that the Red Sox are silently looking for prospective buyers. Does Gasparino still stand by his story even with the owners vehemently denying such claims?

“I do know that this is a team that is in trouble and that it is an organization that is in trouble. They are mulling it,” Gasparino said of a potential sale of the franchise. “The fact that they’re mulling it, the fact they’ve had at least a peripheral discussion with a potential buyer, it’s all true.”

“Whether (Henry) does it, I can’t tell you. I can tell you the story is real,” he said.

Both John Henry and Larry Lucchino have refuted the story. Gasparino said that reaction was expected, but it’s usually not to the extent that the Red Sox are taking it.

“I will tell you, usually the sort of responses from people when you know a reporter made it up ‘we don’t comment on rumors.’ These guys are out there trying to put out a fire because I caught them,” he said.

Curtis: Mythical Sell-Out Streak A Red Herring To Sale?

Even though he does not usually cover sports – covering the “intersection of sports and Wall Street” he says – Gasparino can see how the Sox franchise is in trouble.

“I’m a business reporter. If I see you’re unloading players like they are unloading players to the degree they are doing it; when companies do stuff like that those are tell-tale signs of problems,” he said. “That’s just me as a business reporter. There is no doubt about that.”

This could also just be the Red Sox owners gauging value on their team, as they also try to fund Liverpool FC. Shopping around to get a price tag is nothing new, but given the circumstances surrounding the Red Sox and Fenway Sports Group, it’s hard not to think a sale is coming at some point in the near future.

“Here is the thing guys; the fact that he is testing the waters should tell you something. That is an important story. I’m not saying (Henry is) a bad guy; I’m not saying he runs a bad company. I can tell you, just put two and two together. He has a bad battle in Europe. You guys are there, what does the battle look like in Boston?”


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