The guys were sitting around the other day thinking about Red Sox fans and how the fans complain at times that the Boston sports media doesn’t ask the questions that they want answers to.

Toucher & Rich decided that they would be the voice of the fans and ask the questions that aren’t getting asked. The guys contacted the Sox and got a press pass so Rich could attend the Bobby Valentine press conference and ask the manager your question.

The guys got more backlash from some members of the sports media in town than they bargained for and from a question that was really legit.

Bobby Valentine entered the press conference room and for 20 seconds there was just this uncomfortable silence and finally Rich just decided to get things going.

“Obviously it’s been a tough year for the fans of the Red Sox and if you had to make your case to those fans as to why you should remain the manager of the Red Sox next year, what would you say to them?” Rich asked the manager.

“I feel bad for those fans I don’t have to make a case to them though, I’ve suffered with them,” Bobby V answered.

That didn’t really get the answer Rich was looking for so he followed it up, “But from the outside looking in what do you want to say to them in order to make them believe that if you were to stay next year would have a different result?”

“I’m the best man for the job,” was Valentine’s answer.

Pretty harmless questions, right?

Wrong! Some writers didn’t care for Rich’s line of questioning and couldn’t believe that he asked those questions to start the press conference off.

Fred goes on an epic rant about how he can’t believe that some took issue with these questions.

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