BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s hand out some “Gold Stars and Black Thumb Prints” for the Patriots 34-13 win over the Tennessee Titans.

The Gold Stars

– Stevan Ridley gets my big gold star of the week. The Pats had a balanced offense due in part to the fact when Stevan Ridley touched the rock he got yards and didn’t fumble. A very solid performance with 21 carries for 125 yards and a touchdown. Ridley was sure handed and explosive.

– Tom Brady got sacked, took a hit to the nose and then punched the Titans right back in the face. He gets a gold star for not letting anything phase him. He had great footwork on the touchdown throw to Aaron Hernandez and made quick decisions all game long. Many people thought the replacement refs would slow down the Pats’ no huddle, but Tom kept that moving also.

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Chandler Jones had high praise coming in and I think he may have surpassed every one’s expectations, and in turn, gets a gold star. The rookie put relentless pressure on the quarterback and registered a sack and force fumble that led to a touchdown. He looked like a polished defensive end out there. You couldn’t tell that Sunday was his first NFL game.

– Brandon Lloyd also gets a gold star. Not sure what happened on the deep ball that was missed on his first target of the afternoon, but after that Lloyd and Brady were on the same page. Brandon’s toe tapping catch on the side line was spectacular and he finished with a solid afternoon (five receptions for a team-leading 69 yards). Lloyd is the real #85.

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The Black Thumb Prints

– Wes Welker gets a black thumb print. Not sure how much of the game plan he was supposed to be in, but Wes was invisible throughout most of this game and finished with just three catches. The first pass that hit him in the face mask should have been caught (this came two plays after Lloyd’s bad route on a 3rd and 8). I think the Titans played him tight but that never really bothers Welker. Just a quiet day for 83.

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– Nate Solder missed a block and Brady got crushed by Kamerion Wembley because of it. Enough said. Solder wasn’t horrible, but a blind side sack will always get you a black thumb print.

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