Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined Gresh & Zo to discuss Sunday’s Patriots game down in Tennessee against the Titans.

What does Bledsoe think of the all the young quarterbacks getting the chance to start for teams around the league, Jake Locker, New England’s tight ends, Wes Welker’s contract and the replacement officials.

The guys started off discussing all the young quarterbacks getting the chance to start for teams this year. What does Bledsoe think the reasons are for these young guys being ready so early now a days?

“One of the things that’s happening is I think these quarterbacks are coming out of college a lot more prepared in general then they used to be when we came into the league. There’s a lot more access I think to film study, they’re being really well-trained at a young age and so these guys are coming in and they’re not as raw as quarterbacks were 20 years ago coming in.”

They went on to discuss what Jake Locker will bring to the game for the Titans on Sunday afternoon.

“Locker brings a dimension to the game that’s pretty electric with the speed that he has. I talked to Matthew Hasselbeck, it must have been four, five or six months ago at a charity event, and he was really impressed with the accuracy of Jake Locker because that was the knock on him coming out of college.”

Plus, Bledsoe gives some insight on the Wes Welker contract issue prior to the season, the number of tight ends the Pats have and how they might be used, and how using the no huddle can the better of the replacement officials?


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