AMHERST (CBS) – The folks at UMass Amherst set a Guinness World Record on Monday.

Chefs there teamed up to cook up a 6,656-pound seafood stew, the largest ever made.

It was cooked up in a one-ton, 14-foot frying pan that the school just happened to have lying around.

The pan was left over from 2011, when they used it to cook up the world’s largest stir-fry. The school needed a crane to put the pN into place.

Once the record was set, there were plenty of people around to enjoy the tasty concoction, as UMass welcomed back 27,000 students to campus for the fall semester.

The stew took 145 pounds of bacon, 1,000 pounds of seafood (including mussels, lobster, clams, haddock and salmon), 1,137 pounds of potatoes, 72 pounds of butter, 862 pounds of chicken stock, 72 pounds of flour, 287 pounds of carrots, 575 pounds of onions, 144 pounds of corn, 288 pounds of celery, 72 pounds of turnips, 72 pounds of parsnips, 1,725 pounds of half and half, with one pound each of oyster sauce and a salt/pepper/seasoning mix.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Rod Fritz reports

Many of the ingredients were local, and the seafood came from sustainable sources.


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