DARTMOUTH (CBS) – Most of the 49 cows stolen from a Dartmouth farm last weekend have been found at a cattle auction in Pennsylvania.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports 

Paul Tavares and Ahmed Mamoud said someone swiped the cows from their communal farm on Old Fall River Road late Saturday night.

cattle Most Of 49 Stolen Dartmouth Cows Found In Pennsylvania

An empty cow pen in Dartmouth where 49 cows were stolen. (Photo Credit: Kim Tunnicliffe)

“I went to the farm and it was completely empty, there was nothing there, nothing at all,” Tavares said.

The cows are worth about $50,000.

Thanks to a tip, Tavares and Mamoud tracked 40 of them down at a cattle auction Monday – 350 miles away in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

They identified them through tags and scars, but many of the cows had been roughed up on the ride.

Police still don’t know where the other nine cows are, but they have suspects.

However, there have been no arrests.

The owners think the thieves underestimated them.

“Somebody trying to make some extra money or thinking maybe that we’re fools or something like that, that we would never try to get our cows back,” Tavares said.

Just last week, two bulls wandered away from a farm in Dartmouth onto Route 195.  They were not hurt and were eventually taken away by their owner.

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