I am ready, and in fact I can’t wait for it to begin.   I’ll certainly be looking forward to it being “over” as well, but if you’re not looking forward to it at all, you’re probably willing to let Madison Avenue and the big dollar advertisers on both sides make your decision for you.

     Big headline on the OP/ED page of the Boston Globe today….a Jeff Jacoby column read “SCRAP THE CONVENTIONS.”    That is wrong at so many levels and I honestly don’t have enough space to enumerate the wrongness of it.  Jacoby concluded “extinction eventually caught up with Tyrannosaurus rex. It will catch up with this (convention) dinosaur, too.”   I so hope you’re wrong Jeff, I really do. You presented both sides of the argument very well Jeff and concluded the conventions should be scrapped, but what in heaven’s name is wrong with letting the party-faithful, the political junkies, the hard-working people behind the candidates, knocking on doors for the candidates, passing out leaflets for the candidates, after four long years, have a party to celebrate their efforts.  It’s a tradition almost as old as America, and just like the “first-in-the-nation Presidential primary in N.H. et al,” it should continue.   Jacoby suggested it just “perpetuates the charade”. a very expensive charade that many voters don’t watch.    When a man and a woman (and that’s the only way it should be) get married today, someone usually puts up a lot of money for a five-minute ceremony, the couple vows “till death do us part” blah,blah, blah, and from there, the charade (party) begins…long into the night.     Chances are better than 50-50 that marriage will fail, just like Presidential nominees, it was a waste of money…but the ceremony is “tradition”……don’t let it go away.

     My first national convention was Chicago, ’68 and I went to every one of them from there into the ’90’s….Republican and Democrat alike.  I enjoyed this past Republican convention.   It had its high points, Marco Rubio, its low points, Chris Christie and it had Clint Eastwood…..not sure what the hell he was doing there.  Time for someone to tell Clint….”get off my lawn!”

     I’m looking forward to the Dems this week…honest.    There is nothing, I mean nothing they can say or do that will change how I’m going to vote, but party-on Dems…..show me what  yuh got.     It’s tradition!!!


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