While the Patriots’ fourth preseason game was certainly less-than-exciting, there were still some takeaways for Felger & Mazz.

For one, Mike Felger said Ryan Mallett hasn’t taken enough strides toward developing into a backup quarterback this summer.

“I’m not seeing it from him, and this is a guy who as we’ve had this big picture discussion, who takes over for [Tom] Brady some day,” Felger said. “Mallett, after two years, I don’t know if he’s exactly on track. … I don’t feel great about Ryan Mallett. I don’t know how you could.

“It feels like he’s gotten worse since last year. Last year, I remember going, ‘Oh, they got a little something here.’ And you look at him this year, and it feels like he actually took a step back.”

Felger also said that generally, getting a lot of playing time in the fourth preseason game of the year is generally a sign that you might not have a spot on the roster, or at best you’re at the bottom of the depth chart. However, Jermaine Cunningham’s big night against the Giants may have been the rare case of someone winning some real playing time.

“Jermaine Cunningham played really well,” Felger said. “Maybe Jermaine Cunningham made so many plays that he may have forced his way back on the roster or solidified a spot on the roster.”


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