SPENCER (CBS) – A Spencer man has been arrested in connection with the murder of his 88-year-old stepfather.

The victim, Michael Iagallo, was found wrapped in plastic in a crawl space of the house Wednesday morning. Police say the suspect is 37-year-old Jason Masiello.

“The mother of the defendant was the one who made the 911 call,” says District Attorney Joseph Early. “She arrived back at the home, there was some questioning as to where is your father. A short time later a call was made to the Spencer police.”

Neighbors are shocked.

“It’s pretty wild to think that something like that would happen here,” said Tom Lynch. “This place is so quiet and everyone here is so nice. It’s just amazing that something like that would happen so close to your own home. You just would never even think about it.”

“I think I’m taken aback a little bit that we would have something like that in Spencer in the nice backwoods, bucolic area,” said Barbara Thompson. “But it does happen and it can happen anywhere.”

Authorities would not say what type of weapon was used and do not yet know of a motive.

Masiello is due to appear in court on Thursday morning.


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