The blockbuster trade between the Red Sox and Dodgers over the weekend was obviously the topic of the day as Felger & Massarotti hit the airwaves Monday afternoon, and the two agreed that the Red Sox deserve credit for admitting their mistakes.

“Finally,” Michael Felger said. “Finally, they admit it. Capitulation. It’s not OK. It’s not OK. It’s not injuries. It’s not the media. It’s not a statistical anomaly. It’s your team. You have a bad mix. You did a poor job building this team. You got some bad guys down there. And they acknowledged it. Finally, they acknowledged it. It’s not, ‘Just wait for the varsity to come back.’ It’s not, ‘You guys are  overblowing it.’ It’s not, ‘You don’t understand what we have here. On the inside it’s a lot different than what you perceive.’ It’s not, ‘Oh, the injuries.’

“It’s an acknowledgement. It is capitulation. It is the Red Sox finally, finally saying — and I don’t care what [Ben] Cherington says or [Larry] Lucchino’s going to say this week or what anyone is going to say this week. By their actions, you know what they did? They said, ‘We don’t got a good mix here. We gotta start over.'”

Tony Massarotti agreed, though he cautioned that fans shouldn’t be so excited to see Adrian Gonzalez go to L.A.

“I’m a little alarmed — and I say a little — at the overwhelming response of people saying, ‘Good riddance, see you later,” Mazz said. “We all feel that way in the big picture, but Adrian Gonzalez is a big piece to give up. Guys like that don’t grow on trees.”

Mazz said, though, that getting rid of Gonzalez was simply the price to pay to get another chance at building a roster.

“Hey, freedom comes at a price,” Mazz said. “And in this case, that’s what this was about. It was about freedom. It was about getting out from under the rock that was those contracts, that attitude, this whole feeling and karma around this team. It has just been so awful for the past year, and you do get a sense now, this thing was about another chance. They have a shot now to start building something again.”


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