BOSTON (CBS) – By now everyone has heard about the meeting Red Sox players had with ownership where the players expressed their dislike for manager Bobby Valentine.

Principal owner John Henry sent an email to the media on Wednesday stating that the players were not asking for the manager to be fired.

On Thursday, 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher and Rich wondered why Henry, with all his money, is still dealing with this club.

Why not just sell the team, move on, and be remembered as the owner who brought the city of Boston two World Series championships?  Is the money that important?

Fred Toucher had a few ideas how Henry could have handled the players in this meeting back in July and other player messages this season about the manager.

“If I’m him I say, ‘I’ve paid $180 million for these guys. I put you in a position to organize this — if you can’t do it you’re gone. If these players don’t want to do it then F-them!”

He also gave Henry advice on how he could have handled the media as well.

“‘And if the media, these peons in the media — these dummies that make in a year what I garner in a day — if these idiots have a problem with it they can go F-themselves!'”

But Fred thinks if Henry can’t do any of that he should at least be able to come out and take some heat, instead of just sending out an email “from his yacht.”

“Or I’ll stand up and have some accountability or stand up and speak like a man; not release some weird written statement via email. Don’t take questions, stand up and speak though. And if you’re too afraid to stand up and speak then why the hell do you own a Major League Baseball team?”

Listen to the segment here:


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