FOXBORO (CBS) — Some veterans hate practice. Some of them don’t even show up.

Tom Brady is not one of those veterans.

Despite a Hall of Fame resume, despite the fact that he’s coming off a career-high 5,235 passing yards and despite the fact that if he retired today he’d still be the winner of three Super Bowls, the 35-year-old quarterback toiled with his teammates yet again in the summer sun. As you might expect, Brady wasn’t complaining about it.

“You can never get enough work,” Brady said. “That’s the thing about football. You can never practice enough. The more practice, the better the practices are, the better your team’s ultimately going to be.”

With the Patriots having 10 days between preseason games, daily practice may be considered monotonous. However, Brady said he and the team have shown mental toughness, getting into a rhythm this week with so many practices.

“This is part of the foundation,” he said. “You gotta have a good spring so you can have a good start to training camp, and you gotta have a good start to training camp so you can have a good start to the regular season.”

And despite the heat and hard work, Brady said he’s still enjoying every day on the field.

“There’s nothing better than playing football,” Brady said. “To think we get paid to do this … it’s a pretty good gig.”


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