Gresh and Zo were talking Red Sox all day on Wednesday and decided to go “no huddle” to mix in some football talk.

Billy Lanni loaded up the NFL cannon full of your questions submitted through Twitter and fired them at Gresh & Zo.

1. With the suspensions the New Orleans Saints are dealing with as a result of the bounty scandal, what do Gresh and Zo think the Saints’ record will look like at the end of the regular season?

2. Who will have the better overall season performance this year, Terrell Owens or Randy Moss?

3. Who will have the better year, Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez?

4. What team are Gresh and Zo afraid will take the Patriots’ throne in the future, the Buffalo Bills or New York Jets?

5. What’s the deal with Chris Johnson? Do Gresh and Zo think that he will bounce back this season?

6. Who will have the better rookie season, Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III or Trent Richardson?

7. Will the Patriots have a top ten defense this year?

8. What do Gresh & Zo think Bill Belichick values more, running backs or cornerbacks?

9. Where does Danny Woodhead fit in this year and do the guys think that he’ll get a lot of touches?

And Which fast food chain has Gresh, Zo, and Lanni salivating in the studio.


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