BOSTON (CBS) – A pregnant woman claims a local judge ripped her off over a baby crib. The judge is now facing criminal charges.

Tracey Christopher is pregnant with her first child and last week, on Craigslist, she saw the perfect portable crib for only $75. She went to the seller’s home, examined it and bought it.

But when she got it home, several important pieces were missing. Christopher called the seller asking for her money back. The seller was former State Senator Cheryl Jacques.

“My concern is that she is using her power to sweep this under the rug,” says Christopher.

“Craigslist is like a yard sale,” says Jacques’ attorney Leonard Kesten. “The woman came in, spent 15 minutes examined the thing up and down and decided to take it. It’s as is.”

Cheryl Jacques is now a state judge involved in workers compensation, but she’s also under investigation by the State Ethics Commission.

Tracey Christopher knew none of that last week and says she only wants her $75 back.

So she went before a clerk magistrate asking whether she should go to small claims court or file a criminal charge. She chose criminal.

“I’m wondering if she’s using her power to influence the DA’s office,” says Christopher.

But Kesten said Jacques finally did offer Christopher her money back, but it was refused.

Kesten thinks Christopher is looking for a payday. “I think if it was Joe Blow there would be no criminal complaint,” he says.

“I just want my day in court,” says Christopher.


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