BOSTON (CBS) – While manager Bobby Valentine regrets the Red Sox front office had to give him a shot of confidence on Monday, his players are happy they went to bat for him.

Now, they are doing the same.

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez made it clear that Boston’s season of mediocrity isn’t on their skipper, but the guys who take the field every day.

“It’s one of those things where he hasn’t swung the bat all year. He hasn’t pitched,” Gonzalez said of Valentine following the Red Sox’ 9-2 win over the Rangers Monday night. “It’s us that are playing out there. The .500 record that we have right now is on us. It’s not on Bobby.”

Roche: The Valentine Mess

“Everybody wants to make a big deal about that, but it’s never been on Bobby,” added Gonzalez. “It’s on us.”

With some in the media suggesting it was time to let Valentine go, possibly sparking a Red Sox team that has always followed their steps forward with just as many steps back, the first-year Boston manager was glad to get the shot of confidence from the front office.

In an email to members of the media, team owner John Henry defended Valentine and said they were “not making a change in manager.”

“I regret that they had to do it. If our record was better then they wouldn’t have to do it,” Valentine said. “It’s totally appreciated, though, if they felt it was necessary and think it was good for the guys.”

“When the performance isn’t there, we’re all going to be criticized and we’ve earned that criticism,” GM Ben Cherington said prior to Monday’s win. “I don’t think it’s fair to direct it at any one person. We’re collectively responsible and Bobby’s one of those people. So am I, so are the players, so are the coaches and so is everyone.”


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