By Chris Curtis, 98.5 The Sports Hub

BOSTON (CBS) – Maybe the reason we have not heard anything from John Henry since his famous impromptu visit to the 98.5 The Sports Hub studios is simply because he does not consider this season a failure.

Consider this: The Sox are on pace to sell more than 3 million tickets again, at the highest rate in Major League Baseball.

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NESN ratings are at or just slightly below that of last season at a very solid 7.5.

Pink Hats have to buy a $6 Fenway Frank so they can text their friends a picture of them eating it while singing “Sweet Caroline,” so we know concession sales are doing well.

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The value of the franchise has at least doubled since Henry and Co. purchased the Red Sox a decade ago due to the sale of the Dodgers, a franchise which carried a price tag of over $2 billion earlier this season.

In other words, business is booming on Yawkey Way.

When the Red Sox began using the brand of the baseball team to expand their portfolio in other major sports leagues, the Sox became a tool to help finance those ventures, and when the team is profitable, the season is a success.

Why else did John Henry, who while socially inept is not a dumb man, hire a businessman in Larry Lucchino to run the entire operation?

The reason we are not hearing any Steinbrennesque quotes out of the owner of the Sox is because as far as he is concerned, this season is going just as planned.

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The upper management of this team is serving a different purpose than that of its baseball team, they sign high-priced players to win the back page of the Herald in the middle of football season, not to build a championship roster.

They play “Sweet Caroline” in the bottom of the eighth when the team is down by seven against the Yankees because they need the Pink Hats to come back next season.

John Henry does not look at his team as one game under .500; he sees them as the foundation of an ever-growing sports empire built on the backs of his brick-buying sycophants.

Chris Curtis has produced 98.5 The Sports Hub’s The DA Show the last three years. Follow him on Twitter @DAShowProducer.


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