By Beth Germano, WBZ-TVBy Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – An approaching Orange Line train at the State Street MBTA stop became a case of déjà vu for inspector Jackie Osorio on July 17th. She found herself looking down the track again to where a passenger had spotted a young woman jump down.

“It is like lightning hitting twice in one spot,” she said. A train was already rounding the corner into the station, and she made an instant call for it to stop. “Nerve-wracking, very nerve-wracking. I’m hoping she’s still there.”

It was nearly three years ago that Osorio played a key role in stopping a train when an apparently drunk woman stumbled and fell onto the tracks. The surveillance video of the incident became infamous, and Osorio received a commendation, along with MBTA operator Charice Lewis for stopping the train within inches of the woman, sparing her life.

“That one was very close, very close. The same as this young lady,” said Osorio.

In this most recent case a woman had braced herself inside a niche, giving her enough shelter as the train passed by within inches of her body before coming to a stop. Osorio got onto the track herself and was able to get her out.

“She looked shocked, she didn’t say much but she was shocked,” she says. It seems Osorio never got the image of her previous experience out of her mind, and that, she believes, was a good thing. “It made me more alert. You can’t tell who is who and which is which so you have to be more alert,”she says.

The MBTA will give her another commendation in a ceremony next week.


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