BOSTON (CBS) — No matter how badly he wants to fight it, Chad Johnson wants to talk about his time with the New England Patriots. And as long as he keeps answering, reporters are going to keep asking.

The receiver formerly known as Ochocinco spoke with the Miami media on Wednesday, and among the many topics covered was the question of why exactly things didn’t work out in New England.

“I don’t know,” Johnson said, as transcribed by The Palm Beach Post. “It doesn’t matter. Fins up. [Expletive], it doesn’t matter.”

While Johnson is certainly not alone in his befuddlement, he said he has no regrets with his time in New England.

“No man, I learned so many things,” he told reporters. “That’s one of the greatest coaches ever in the game [Bill Belichick]. Learned a lot of things: discipline, learned to shut the [expletive] up for a year. I never thought I could do it, but I did it. Learned watching Tom [Brady], his work ethic, unreal. Even though I wasn’t able to produce, or able to play like I wanted to, I learned a lot of things there that’s made me a better player.”

Johnson said now that he’s in Miami, “it feels good to be able to breathe again,” as his struggles last year had him wondering if he still was the same player.

“I never lost confidence. I did question myself though, just knowing my ability and what I’m able to do, and not being a part of something really great,” Johnson, who had 15 catches all season as Ochocinco, said. “Easily the best head coach-quarterback tandem, it causes you to question yourself, question your game.”

The 34-year-old expressed plenty of confidence to having a much more successful year with the Dolphins this season, but if somehow it doesn’t work out, he has a backup plan.

“I’m always looking to a second job. Thinking about going into porn,” he said, drawing laughs. “It’s not funny. I got to earn a living. I’m being serious. I mean, that’s what I would do.”


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