BOSTON (CBS) — At the Bobby Valentine School of Public Relations, there is no waiting around or off-the-record whispers behind closed doors. There is simply taking matters into your own hands and addressing the issue at hand as quickly as possible.

The Sox’ skipper put that philosophy on display on Monday afternoon at Fenway Park. Valentine noticed Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy preparing to be interviewed on Comcast SportsNet New England on the field prior to the Red Sox’ game against the Tigers, and with the camera rolling, Valentine popped into the background to address one of Shaughnessy’s latest columns.

“It’s not true. I’m not trying to get fired, folks! It’s not true,” Valentine yelled with a smile, as seen in the video on CSNNE’s website. “It’s not true. It was all made up by him [Shaughnessy]. It’s not true.”

Over the weekend, Shaughnessy wrote in the Globe about Valentine that “if he’s going to go down, he’s going down on his own terms.” The blurb for that story on the Globe’s website said, “Bobby Valentine sounds like a manager who doesn’t care if he gets fired.”

Valentine was all smiles, as was Shaughnessy, during the little exchange, so it won’t go down in history as one of those unforgettable heated showdowns between sports figures and media members. Still, it offered yet another glimpse into the unique ways of Bobby V.


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