Many thought what happened this weekend with the Red Sox in New York would determine whether they’d be buyers or sellers with the trade deadline approaching on Tuesday. Well the Sox went in and took two out of three from the Yankees, so what does this mean?

Gresh & Zo wondered on Friday if the they would feel any different on Monday if the Sox team performed well in New York over the weekend.

“No the opinion has not changed,” Gresh said. “It was entertaining television, it was good to watch and they did, which they have done before, show you a little something last night, but it’s no where near enough to think that they can override the dysfunction and win the amount of games they need to legitimately be in this thing.”

Zo thinks that these wins don’t mean too much and they’ll be dropping the next few games because this team is just a .500 team.

The guys then went on to discuss reports that Josh Beckett could be on his way out of town come the trade deadline. Reports said the Sox placed calls to teams including Texas and Atlanta over the weekend to gauge their interest in the starter. Is there a real chance that Beckett could be moved?

Plus, Carl Crawford was scratched from Saturday’s game because trainers said the outfielder shouldn’t play more than four games in a row due to concerns about his elbow. Apparently this was all news to Crawford. What’s going on with the communication at Fenway?


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