BRAINTREE (CBS) – When the going gets tough, some might not want to get going.

“The thought of taking 2 to 3 hours out of the day to drive to the gym, to fight for the treadmill, and then to drive back and unwind, it’s difficult,” said Greg Monaco, the owner of Mobile Fitness Systems.

So, for those who can’t find the time to get to the gym, a South Shore trainer is now bringing the gym to you.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Ben Parker reports.

“It came about because I was frustrated not being able to get my clients the results that they wanted. Part of it was because they couldn’t get to the gym for whatever reason,” said Monaco. “I had the idea of taking the workouts directly to them.”

mobile fitness systems Braintree Personal Trainer Runs Gym Out Of His Pickup Truck

(Image courtesy: Mobile Fitness Systems-Facebook)

Monaco came up with the idea to turn his truck into a mobile gym of sorts.

“The truck itself became a training apparatus and an opportunity for me to take my workouts and my programs and my ideas directly to my clients,” said Monaco. “I’m set up with the gym and everything you would need in your driveway.”

The weather in New England is not always cooperative, especially in the winter, so Monaco was forced to find an indoor facility, too.

“If it rains out, most of my sessions are taken right over to this indoor space. It’s kind of a tough sell to get people training in 25-degree weather, so as soon as the weather’s not conducive to it, we’ll just take the workouts inside,” said Monaco.

He hopes his idea catches on, just like pizza delivery once did.

“It’s my hopes that a fitness facility that attempts to provide that convenient solution to their clients is able to say that ‘If you can’t get to the gym, no worries, we’ll take a trainer and one of our mobile fitness systems right out to your driveway,'” said Monaco.


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