A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     I’ve had a couple of inquiries about my recent trips to Bermuda and to Hawaii. But before I get to that…..a quick message to Fred Willard….you know the comic from the TV show “Everybody loves Raymond”…and new ABC show “Trust us with your life.”   Don’t!   Hey Fred……Pee Wee Herman wants to know if you’d like to catch the late show at the LA cinema.   Fred….what did they put in your box of popcorn?    Fred what could you be thinking?   A senior moment maybe?   Fred is 72.

     Oh well, back to Bermuda and Hawaii just briefly.   Bermuda is beautiful, still reasonably sophisticated and British, unlike Bahamas et al.  It’s outrageously expensive, but it’s close.  I mean less than two hours from Boston and you’re there.   Barring any nasty weather, it’s an ideal destination for anyone on the east coast….and beyond. This was my 3rd time there…I will go back.

     Unlike Hawaii, which for anyone on the east coast is the other end of the world. It takes forever to get there, (about 11 hours in an airplane) the time change is a 6-hour differential and however much time you plan to spend there, add another 3 or 4 days of bodily recovery time for when you get back because that trip….is a killer.  I’m not sure yet why it became the 50th United State but yes it’s spectacular real estate.  Quick review:  Don’t bother with Honolulu (just another big city) spend 1 day at best on Maui to see Haleakala and then head immediately for Kawai and enjoy your vacation there.  I also liked Kona a lot.     Hawaii, not unlike Bermuda is also very expensive.  The food is OK, the fruit and vegetables are out of this world but do not….I repeat DO NOT eat the Poi.   This was my 3rd time there….I will NOT go back.


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