With NFL teams getting ready to open up training camps Gresh & Zo fly around the NFL and quickly answer some questions on hot topics around the league.

1. Matt Forte and Ray Rice each signed contract in the $8 million per year range. Is it worth paying running backs that much money?

2. Jonathan Vilma is looking to overturn his season-long suspension for his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty program. He’s has filed an injunction with the NFL to let him take part in training camp. Could this be a bad precedent for the NFL?

3. Santonio Holmes says a two quarterback system won’t work for the New York Jets. Would a two quarterback system work in the NFL?

4. Robert Griffin III just signed his rookie contract Wednesday morning. Who will have the better rookie season RG3 or Andrew Luck?

5. Dez Bryant was arrested for hitting his mother and Marshawn Lynch got a DUI after a crazy ride in an econoline van that included hitting two parked cars. Who will suffer more fallout because of their actions?

6. A memo obtained by CBSSports.com on Wednesday shows that the NFL is recruiting semi-pro, retired and lower division refs to replace the striking NFL Officials. How will this affect the games?

7. Word out of San Francisco 49ers camp is that Randy Moss has been the best wide receiver in workouts. What do you expect out of Moss this season?


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