The Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy stopped by 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Gresh & Zolak for his weekly “Dan Day” on Monday.

After ragging on Shaughnessy for his attire, Gresh and Zo guys discussed the enigma that is Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

The guys discussed Valentine’s comments after Josh Beckett’s most recent start, where the pitcher didn’t feel well while on the hill. Apparently no one filled the manager in on what was going on with Beckett, much like when Valentine didn’t know Adrian Gonzalez had to leave a game with the flu prior to the All-Star break.

This led to the guys questioning the communication between players, trainers and the manager.

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“I think that he is overwhelmed with the number of people, the amount of information and the updates, and it’s not something he gets his fingers on every day,” said Shaughnessy. “When he is asked the questions by the media, it can be a little embarrassing by everybody.”

“(Terry) Francona was very good at that; they’ve gotten away from where the trainers won’t speak to everybody and its all going to through one voice. Some organizations have the GM be that guy, and it might be time for this organization to switch,” he added. “Bobby is clearly not up to the task.”

“He appears misinformed sometimes, and it’s not good for anybody,” said Shaughnessy. “He had a situation with (Cody) Ross where Bobby said he was hurt and Ross said he wasn’t. That was Friday. There is stuff all over the place on this.”

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“There is a clear disconnect as to who is the king of the clubhouse,” said Gresh. “It baffles me that Bobby V would let it get to this point.There is an old line from a radio guy we used to work with: ‘I don’t need to be the first person to know, but I don’t want to be second.’ Why doesn’t he demand the guys to go to him when they have a problem?”

“It’s befuddling and maddening that this guy holds the title of the manager and he’s treated as if he’s the bullpen coach. He’s got to take heat for that,” added Gresh.

“I don’t know, I think you’re over exaggerating,” Shaughnessy said to Gresh. “This is a guy who hasn’t managed in the big leagues in 10 years and it’s change a lot since the last time he was there in terms of more of us, more inquiries. I hate to say it, but it almost makes a case for the Patriots way of doing thing.”

Is Bobby just uninformed or does he get confused by the plethora of injuries news — what is supposed to stay in-house and be made public?

“Sometimes it’s ‘is this supposed to be out or not?” said Shaughnessy. “He’s been told a lot of stuff, but he doesn’t know what they’re giving up and what they’re not.”

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“I think he is a little inattentive, and a little scatter-brained about the specifics and how much he’s supposed to give up on certain guys,” added Shaughnessy.


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