WEBSTER (CBS) – A Webster woman was arrested after she was allegedly seen slamming her dog on the ground on Saturday night.

Tosha Miles, 30, allegedly picked up the chihuahua, who is named “Cujo,” and slammed it to the ground several times after 10:15 p.m.

Neighbors witnessed Miles throw the dog to the ground after noticing an argument take place outside the home on Pleasant street.

One of them yelled for her to stop, but she yelled back “I’ll do whatever I want with my dog” and slammed the dog to the ground again, according to police.

Miles allegedly slammed her dog to the ground four times in all.

At one point, Miles yelled to neighbors that she didn’t want “the thing” anymore, police said.

Miles was charged with animal cruelty, disorderly person, and disturbing the peace. She is set to be arraigned on Monday.

Authorities removed “Cujo” from the residence for his protection.


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