BOSTON (CBS) – With the .500 Boston Red Sox set to open their second half of the 2012 season, President and CEO Larry Lucchino sent out a letter to all season tickets holders Friday.

In the letter, Lucchino thanked the fans for their support and ran down a laundry list of reasons to still have faith in the team, including David Ortiz’ All-Star season and injured “varsity” players coming back.

“We have watched the team coalesce into a close group,” wrote Lucchino. “Personalities are enhancing the chemistry, such as the cheerful Cody Ross, the friendly Mike Aviles, and the inspiring story of Daniel Nava.  Jarrod Saltalamacchia has shown power, in the clutch, worthy of an All-Star.  And as the talented Will Middlebrooks forced his way into the lineup, we bade farewell, with gratitude, to Kevin Youkilis, who helped us win two World Championships.”

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“The one constant off the field is that we have had a veritable All-Star Team on the disabled list,” he continued. “As we begin the second half, we look forward to the return of the “varsity,” including Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford, Andrew Bailey, and the ever-dirty Dustin Pedroia.”

But the letter was not complete without a plea to fans to show up early and enjoy all that Fenway Park has to offer.

“Meanwhile, as you come to Fenway Park throughout this season, we hope you will come early—the secret to fully enjoying a sports venue.  Now ‘A Living Museum,’ Fenway Park probably leads the league in bronze plaques and commemorative displays along the concourses.  Enjoy them at your leisure early, well before the escalation of excitement as game time approaches.”

Was this really the best idea for Lucchino and the Sox? Gresh and Zo sure don’t think so.

“Don’t you lay low if you’re him. Just try to sneak back into this thing?” asked Zo.

“They did a good job at saying, ‘as you come to Fenway Park throughout the season we hope you come early; the secret to fully enjoying a sports venue. Buy our beer, buy our hats, buy our hot dogs,'” said Gresh.

And as for all the names Lucchino used for his players, Gresh thought it was pretty corny.

“It’s like bad wrestling gimmick names,” he said. “I’m sure the ‘inspired’ Daniel Nava, Scott Podsednik and all the people who have held down the fort through the injuries are happy to hear the management say ‘the return of the varsity.’ That’s nice.”

“That would piss me off if I was a player,” Zo said of the “varsity” comment.

What do you think of Lucchino’s letter? Sound off in the comments section!

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