With Michael Felger making his triumphant return after a week’s worth of vacation, Tony Mazz wanted to get his opinion on everything he missed.

What better way to do that than another installment of “10 Questions”? Usually, Felger is the one delivering the questions rapid fire, but he missed quite a bit.

Here are the questions, and some quick thoughts by Felger. Listen to the podcast to hear his complete answers.

1. David Ortiz said he was “humiliated and embarrassed” with his off-season contract negotiations last week, is this surprising?

“Any other player at any other time these comments would have blown up,” said Felger. “He’s basically saying why’d you give Carl Crawford all that money and not me… But because David Ortiz cries about his contract all the time, they kind of float off in the atmosphere.”

2. Reports said the Bruins made a serious offer to free agent Zach Parise, does Felger believe it?

Felger did it in just one word: “Nope”

3. Sunday against the Yankees, Adrian Gonzalez pulled himself out of the lineup with the flu. Surprised?

“He left one of the most important games because he had a head cold? Again, on another team in another year we’d say ‘that’s not a good sign.’ But the Red Sox have set the bar so low this year…”

4. Dustin Pedroia was placed on DL with thumb injury, except the team is trying to say it’s a different thumb injury. Does Felger buy it?

5. Bill Simmons tweeted from the All-Star game he couldn’t believe the stories he was hearing about the Sox clubhouse? Does Felger believe The Sports Guy?

6. 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh said Randy Moss is already best receiver in San Francicso; what does Felger think of his boy Randy?

“The ass kissing has already begun. Harbaugh learned quickly,” said Felger. “You have to do that with Randy, and it didn’t take Harbaugh long to learn that.”

7. Josh Beckett allowed five runs in the first inning against the Yankees. Can Felger describe Beckett’s outing in one word?

“Unprofessional,” he said. “That’s a game you have to take the ball and set a tone. I watched that abomination… unprofessional, pathetic and boy did it set a tone. Every starter got killed in the first inning (that series).”

8. Those pesky Rick Nash rumors are still out there, why?

“I’m hoping the Bruins have allowed it to remain out there so they can leverage it for another player,” said Felger. “Maybe these Nash rumors are intended for Anaheim so they’ll come down on their price for Bobby Ryan.”

9. In light of Mauro Gomez’ throw from third on Sunday, which skipped across the diamond half a dozen times, how many bounces would it take for Felger to get a baseball from first to third?

“I could get it on the fly,” said a confident Felger.

10. How does Felger grade Robert Kraft’s “pal” Ricki Lander?

“A Boston 9; which means in California, and many parts of the country, she’s between a 7 and an 8,” said Felger, before admitting he is a fan of hers. “She struck a chord with me; she does something for me. And she has a ‘tude. Here in Boston, you’re not going to beat that.”


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