SALEM (CBS) – “Witch City” may soon become “Camera City” as city counselors in Salem look to put cameras into all 24 city parks in order to improve public safety in the area.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Doug Cope reports

There is a camera at Salem Common already and nearby resident Mary Anne says the camera has really help cut down on vandalism and promote public safety.

“There would be a group of goths, they all wore black and nose rings and dark jackets and they would congregate and kind of scare people off. Then there were the potheads that used to hang out over on the basketball courts. Now they are both gone,” said Mary Anne.

She says cameras come at a price, but so does vandalism.

“If people are not going to behave I really don’t see a problem if there is a camera if it’s a deterrent,” Mary Anne said.

Mary Anne reminds anyone she sees looking to do damage to smile because now their actions are caught on camera.


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