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Bradley Jay: ‘Experience Boston’s Fourth Of July Fireworks.’

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420x316-grad-jay Bradley Jay
Bradley Jay is the host of WBZ’s Jay Talking, weekday overnights from...
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I was very fortunate to score the ultimate vantage point to experience perhaps the best Fourth Of July fireworks display in the nation. It was only because of the temporary evacuation and subsequent reshuffling of spectators, due to the threat of thunderstorms in the area, that I was able to secure such an unbelievable position. I managed to get so close to the exquisite fury of the event that the camera actually takes you inside the holiday firestorm. The extravaganza is breathtaking.

As the fireworks began in last year, heavy rain began to pelt down, which only served to enhance the sense of wild abandon and celebration. The video concentrates on the finale and truly captures the essence of the moment in a way that words cannot.

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